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About My Work

My jewellery features contemporary handcrafted silver and vitreous enamel designs. My primary medium is vitreous enamelling where I use mainly experimental techniques to produce my designs.


Enamelling is the beautiful art of fusing powdered glass onto metal in a kiln at a temperature around 850-900 degrees. During the firing process, the enamel powder melts and flows, and when the piece is taken out of the kiln, it hardens to a durable vitreous coating. With this method it is possible to add lively, luscious colours and interesting textures to a piece.


In my enamelling work I endeavour to create my own technique and unique style as seen in my recent Splash! Collection. As this primary collection reveals, I take pleasure in discovering new possibilities in working with enamel by creating tactile and organic surface patterns inspired by abstract forms of art.

In my Splash! Collection I developed a technique where I use a few layers of jewellery enamel as a base coat, and I splash liquid form enamel on top, allowing the enamel to 'draw' interesting, abstract patterns on the base layers. After firing this layer/pattern, I add other elements or colour selected areas using transparent jewellery enamel. For this collection I don't pre-plan the enamel designs, but I develop each piece instinctively while I work on it, gradually building up the pattern layer by layer. This technique guarantees that each item is unique and one of a kind. My finished enamels either stand alone as individual pieces or are incorporated into my crisp and modern silver jewellery designs that enhance and complement the look of my enamels.


For my designs I gain influence from my observations of the world around and abstract forms of art such as painting, photography, ceramics or architecture with special emphasis on aesthetics, colour and composition.


Through my work I aim to promote the beauty of enamelling elevated to a modern, contemporary level, as well as to create distinctive and wearable jewellery pieces.

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